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Beverly Mental Health Service: Your Comprehensive Mental Health Network in California

Beverly Mental Health Service is a dedicated network of mental health providers, therapists, and psychiatrists designed to meet the evolving needs of a new era. We are culturally diverse and boasts language capabilities in Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Mandarin. Our commitment extends to offering convenient Online Therapy throughout California. With a longstanding passion for community well-being, we provide high-quality, easily accessible mental health services that accept insurance. Our team seamlessly integrates in-person and online therapy in California, leveraging advanced technologies. 

Our Unique approach for mental health treatment

Our approach is holistic, combining individual therapy, group sessions, medications, nutrition, and lifestyle interventions. Our work is team, evidence-based and solution-focused, emphasizing self-care and self-acceptance. We navigate mental health collaboratively, keeping pace with the latest advancements. Our vision is to make mental health services, including online therapy, accessible to everyone, encompassing various medical specialties.

we work with all major insurances in California

In our commitment to inclusivity, we aim to collaborate with all major insurance providers in the American healthcare system in California, including United Health Care, Blue-Shield CA, Oscar Health, Magellan Health, Anthem, Optum Health, and more. Don’t hesitate to inquire about your insurance coverage.

At Beverly Mental Health Service, our dedication extends to major regions like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Tampa, and every corner of California. We are passionate about supporting you on your mental health journey, ensuring you don’t face it alone.

Embark on your therapy journey In Los Angeles, CA Today

Our array of services, available statewide, addresses diverse mental health concerns. From nutrition therapy to ADHD, OCD, depression, social anxiety, and bipolar disorder treatment, our Los Angeles-based practice offers comprehensive support. Explore our self-assessments for depression or delve into our blog for more insights.

Embark on your therapy journey with Beverly Mental Health Service. Contact us today to connect with our team and discover if we’re the right fit for you. Our online psychiatrists and therapists are ready to support you from the safety and comfort of your chosen space, wherever you are in California.

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